Clan View
Users join private Domains, which in turn are populated by Clans who gather around Bonfires
In Session
Users join active Bonfires taking place in their Domain. Up to 16 users can sit around one single Bonfire
In Session - Focus View
Users can toggle focus view to block out any distractions
In Session - Meet Others
Users can click on other clan members sitting around a Bonfire to activate the interaction interface
In Session - Connecting
Users can request a connection to fellow Bonfire attendees (like Linkedin) for future networking outside of the context of one specific Bonfire session
In Session - Comments
Users can post live comments about the active session to ask questions, give feedback or share any info (admin can toggle this option off)
In Session - Profiles
Users can learn more about fellow clan members while in session without interrupting the event or the experience
In Session - Chat
Users can launch chats with fellow Bonfire attendees. Do not disturb feature toggles chat off.
In Session - Multi Presenter
Bonfire sessions can have up to 4 active presenters and up to 4 moderators (moderators are assigned by the lead presenters)
Custom branding
Admins can change backgrounds, choose a range of possible emoji expressions, assign moderators and set a range of preferences to decide the format of the Bonfire
In Session - Multifire
Presenters can launch up to 10 simultaneous Bonfires to cater for a bigger audience.
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The future of networking, education, workshops, board meetings, and events is small and intimate, much like ancient Neolithic communities at the birth of human society. Our finest and most productive moments as people occur when a small band of people interacts in a private, safe and familiar environment, like sitting around a campfire. 

Bonfire brings humanity and intimacy to virtual networking, teaching and meetings

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In Session - Focus View

Users can toggle focus view to block out any distractions